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Review: Eat Yourself Bankrupt at Robinson’s Place Manila

In the mood for Japanese food? Satistfy your cravings at this newly opened, mini food hall, featuring Osaka food concept, Eat Yourself Bankrupt located at the ground floor of Robinson’s Place Manila.

One Friday night, while waiting for the number coding to be lifted at 8 PM, we decided to eat dinner at the Robinson’s Place Manila’s Eat Yourself Bankrupt because it sounds intriguing to me. Am I going to get bankrupt by eating at this restaurant? I have to find out. Let’s get in….

Inside the mini food hall is the Osaka themed sorroundings with lots of hanging lanterns…

… Daruma dolls

….and 3D art wall paintings.

The mini food hall consists of 4 stalls, each has its own specialty that will satisfy your taste buds.

  • Hanamaruken – They serve authentic ramen and karrage originated from Osaka, Japan.

  • Attakoyaki as the name suggested, they serve special takoyaki.

  • Ok, No! According to the staff, They serve pancake topped with your choice of flavored shrimp, pork, beef, cheeze or ham and egg.

  • Kashikatsu Daruma it serves simply breaded and fried food on stick with special dipping.

What we ordered…

Bangus unagi rice bowl P230. This fried bangus is a little sweet partnered with boiled egg and a little servings of vegetables and sea weeds.

Drunk man rice bowl priced at P 340 a very tender and tasteful pork meat served with two sunny side up eggs.

Spare rib ramen of Hanamaruken priced at P410. The meat is tender and the soup is flavorful. Served in a big bowl that’s more than enough for one person.

Katsu Chicken with Garlic served with special sauce priced at P 119. This katsu chicken looks and tastes ordinary without a sauce.

Steamed rice P 50

The staff are attentive, neat and all smiling. The place is cozy and clean. The price is a bit high compared with other Japanese resto in the area.

Overall, we had a great dining experience and will surely visit this again to try some other dishes, on the menu.

By the way, we did not get bunkrupt since we just ordered food that’s good enough for us three.

Location: Robinsons Place Manila, Pedro Gil Street Ermita Manila.

Operating hours: mall hours

Thank you for reading!

God bless!

❤️Aris and Sally❤️


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